• Home Security

    We offer options that help secure residential homes so your family is secured and feels safe and comfortable....

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  • Commercial Security

    Keep your business secured. We can show you the most optimal options that will fit the budget and...

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  • Public Sector

    Work alongside fundraisers like the Cancer Society by securing cash rooms, perimeters, people and property....

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Professional Security Service Levels


1. Special Events

Blueline Security can help secure concerts, corporate events, grand openings and more. We use our expertise to analyze the details of the event and then develop a security plan based on your budget. Our team will do all the work and create the plan that’s perfect for you.

2. Loss Prevention

Our security offers loss prevention and can perform duties in uniform or plain clothes so they’ll blend right in and appear anonymous to potential shoplifters. In most cases, having security present deters theft, discourages crime, or even gather evidence toward arrests.

3. Access Control

Our highly trained officers will greet and screen incoming and out coming guests. Blueline Security will perform our duties with professionalism and consistency. We can check ID and other documents to control all unauthorized entries.

Industries Served:

Blueline Security offers services to several different industries.

We go the extra mile and do the planning for you. No matter what industry, we will come in and assess the budget and offer the best security strategy available. Whether it be mobile patrol or foot patrol, Blueline has you covered.